Sand Village, Second Village

Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]

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When you spawn on this 0.9x old seed you’re in a village and staring at another one. Under spawn there isn’t anything precious. If you’re looking for the good stuff, point your direction at the villages. There’s a blacksmith in each one, and they’ve both got some loot. You’ll walk away with food, armor (two bad both blacksmith’s made iron leggings), an iron ingot and ink sacs.

The landscape is pretty cool, too. Packed into this old size seed are a few biome types. The villages are set on a grassy plain and a chunk of desert. Beyond the village there’s a river running through the world and you’ll also find some (not so) extreme hill taiga and savannah.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Old Seed: 999

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 999

We dug under the wells but didn’t find anything worth reporting back on. If we missed something tell us in the comments below. Thanks to Epic user Venom13 for submitting this seed. It’s an oldie that’s been circulating since the 0.9 betas, but it’s ranks up there with the best of the old style seeds.

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14 thoughts on “Two Blacksmith Villages at Spawn [0.9x old seed]”

  1. 1st one did not work for me in the 10.0 but it had the one village not the sand one… So if u have any more ?s ask me

  2. if you put the seed as bone you spawn in a village and in the blacksmiths chest there is three gold ingots bread and apples.and if you wander in to the dessort there is a sand village with a blacksmith and in the chest there is a sadel and a iron sored

    1. We certainly didn’t try to steal your seed on purpose. I have to think many people have tried certain numbers (like 1, 111, 333, 999, etc.). Either way, it’s a great seed!

  3. I actually did make some edits to that seed.

    First of all, I destroyed the lava, and made a small bunker which goes into an underground lake by the well.

    Due to a new update, the village is not there anymore.

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