Desert Village - Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed

Two Desert Village Outposts, Two Blacksmiths

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From the spawn point take a look around. You’ll be able to see one village in the distance. The good news – there’s another one nearby. Not connected – nearby. Both have blacksmiths. Unfortunately, neither are hiding stronghold’s below their wells in this Pocket Edition Seed.

One blacksmith has emeralds, an iron sword, saplings and an apple. The other blacksmith has an iron pickaxe, iron helmet, iron chestplate, more saplings (hooray) and ink sacs. We did a quick dig under spawn but there wasn’t anything all that exciting. The desert does continue off quite a distance, so there’s plenty more desert to explore. If you come across anything everyone should know about do come back and leave a comment below!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Infinite Seed: parm

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3433452

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69 thoughts on “Two Desert Village Outposts, Two Blacksmiths”

        1. For 1 you go straight then when your there you look at a dirt and sand mini mountain and pass it and there’s the other village with a Blacksmith!

          1. There’s also water to pass to get to the other village- just a little stream though Btw😊

  1. From the first villge you will see a mountin and behind it is another does not have a black smith but you should check it out

  2. Very good I found one blacksmith plus near the wheat farm thing there is a cave with some iron and coal etc

  3. I saw 2 villages I played strait away in survival 2 black smiths really helpful but I didn’t find enough wool before night oops

  4. Due east from the first village, there is another third village. It’s not a desert village. It doesn’t have anything special like a blacksmith, but it does have several gardens that you can harvest.

  5. There are not less than FOUR VILLAGES in this seed.
    The first you should see from your spawn point. Then you can go in three different directions:
    1. North, behind the desert mountain
    There’s the second village, with an emerald.
    2. Straight South
    After one minute you’ll see a third desert village. (It has no blacksmith, the fourth too)
    3. West
    I don’t know, this could take one to three minutes… It’s a normal village, parts of it are in water. I think you don’t really need that but it’s on your own to decide that haha
    Ok goodbye and good luck!

    1. If you go behind the black smith with render distance on high you can just see one. It’s not connected to that dessert directly. You need to go over the lake and hills 🙂

  6. In this seed,I went for collecting some wood coz in desert don’t have any wood,it been 4 mile from desert village to reach the trees.After I finished,I lost myself in jungle,then,its getting dark.when I keep searching,I found a wooden is in the same seed.the seed is “parm”.it has three villages.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    1. Actually, here’s four. If you walk past the lava pits in the first village and over the dune, there’s another.

  7. There’s a third sand village… I found a second one and I thought to myself “how stupid do you think I am?” Because it didn’t have a blacksmiths and then I went back to the original and saw another one… I was pretty amazed…

  8. There are 3 Desert Villages in this seed. The first is North West of the starting location. The second is (from the first village) South West. These two have blacksmiths. The third is to the North of the first. It doesn’t have a blacksmith.

  9. -Correction-
    Since my last comment, I have found 2 more villages. If you head west a little ways from the starting point you will find another woodland village (No blacksmith). The second is South from the southern-most desert village. Again, it is a woodland village, but it does have a blacksmith. And in the surrounding foliage you will find wild pumpkins growing.

  10. Hey guys, i found 5 villages. The first one is head north west from the starting point and u will find a village. It has a blacksmith. The next one is, start from where there is some crops infront of a large house. There will be another one there. I cant remember where the other 3 are. So sorry. Oh and the second one does not have a blacksmith. I don’ t know if any of this helped u guys though!

  11. There are 6(six!) villages here – 5 made of sandstone and one made of ordinary stones. First, I’ve found three, then I get lost and found forth village. I was building rails to connect them when I get lost again and found another two. Actually, all of them are nearby, just explore the map with the compas and mark your way with candles ) Maybe I’ll upload my file with my rails if you tell me how to find it )

  12. And thier are really hard to find and its a long walk on survival make a trail to find it again to not get lost watch out a bunch of parts that will fall usually monsters below idk why.

  13. Here is the file:

    Unzip it to sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

    I had started to play it in survival mode and mostly everithing there was build step by step. After I died at third time in lava and lost all of my stuff I convert the map in creative mode )

    Now all seven villages are connected by rails. Enjoy!

    1. Hey Guys – We approve any posts with links in them. I downloaded this file and wasn’t alerted to any issues. If you do have an issue, please let us know.


      1. Thanks for clearing that up… We get a lot of players that are really upset that a seed doesn’t work, but it sometimes is something as simple as a mistype of the seed or that the version wasn’t checked. Anyway – thanks for letting us know that it worked right!

  15. i found a village but can not find any blacksmith… i have found many trees but nothing good

  16. Omg great seed! I think he meant strongholds not stronghold’s… 😍 Luv it anyway!!!

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