Diamonds Under Spawn

Village at Spawn, Diamonds Below

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When the game spawns you, there’ll be a village straight in front of you. You’re on the edge of a savanna, some grassy plains and water. Directly below the spawn point you’ll find diamonds.

The diamonds are all the way down at bedrock. There’s some redstone down there and a random lone iron block, too. Before you get to the good stuff you’ll pass by some other iron and when digging it out will find the coal to make your ingots… Followed by your iron pick.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: protect it

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -1684928484

If you find anything cool that we missed post below with a screenshot! And yeah, it’s too bad there’s no blacksmith in that village…

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14 thoughts on “Village at Spawn, Diamonds Below”

  1. I found a monster spawner digging straight down near spawn. I heard a lot of zombies so I mined around and the dungeon is under spawn. You will fall in a cave. And see the zombies! there’s 1 chest but has good loot!

    1. Others aren’t having problems… What version of MCPE are you running and on what platform (iPad/Android/etc.)…

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