Emeralds in Blacksmith's Chest

Emeralds in Series of Villages (Blacksmith’s Chest)

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Interested in some easy emeralds? Just go straight. It’s (just about) that easy. Go straight when you spawn and you’ll come up on a two oversized villages at water’s edge. Go to each blacksmith and take a look in their chests. One has emeralds for you (plus some bread and ink sacs). While it’s not emeralds, there’s another good chest, too.

The second chest has more bread and ink sacs, gold, and some ironworks to make you a little less vulnerable – iron leggings and an iron sword. If you’re looking for clay, there’s a swamp adjacent to the villages (which are on a flat spot of a rolling plain). At one village’s end there is a waterfront pool. Beyond it you’ll find some impressive coastal extreme hills.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: hexx

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3199165

We looked and didn’t find a stronghold unfortunately. Let us know if there is anything we missed!

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31 thoughts on “Emeralds in Series of Villages (Blacksmith’s Chest)”

    1. Anna – It needs to be on a 0.9x version of MCPE, and it is an infinite seed (the ones that are ‘old’ seeds say they are old). It will work on either survival or creative. Have fun!

        1. Hey Cole – Just type the number following the AKA: with no spaces. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. So for this seed, you’d just type in:


    2. Infinite, not old
      You should take survival, in creative you can’t look into chests and you don’t need the things in the chest

  1. does anyone have the co-ordinates of the village? i cant find it anywhere? i also found a water temple at X – 251 Y – 48 Z – 3319

  2. Once you see the first village, there is a small hill. There’s iron out in the open to get you started, and 3 blocks below the iron is a small cave. I haven’t explored it yet, but go ahead and find out for yourselves! GL

    1. @Marie – there can only be one per village, but when you see a ‘huge village’ what you’re looking at is two or more villages that are connected together. A good way to identify how many villages are in a ‘huge village’ is to count the number of wells. Hope that helps!

  3. If you are on the later version like version 0.12.0 or .1 you fly frontwards and you’ll find two villages

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