Wolves and Ducks

Wolves on Extreme Hill Taiga

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Wolves greet you when the game spawns you on this extreme hill taiga. There’s ducks chickens and pigs roaming the area, too. Right next the spawn point there is a waterfall and cave. Exploring around the landscape nearby you’ll find more cave entrances from the surface.

Visible from the spawn point you’ll see a massive lava flow coming from an oceanside piece of the extreme hill that stretches up toward the clouds. From the water’s edge there are small islands in the water, and moving farther from the spawn point up the coast there are more land masses like the one that the lava is pouring from.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: mega

Minecraft PE Seed AKA:3347570

Now go tame one of those wolves (and post a picture if you do)!

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  1. The seed 805967637 spawns a epic village and a stronghold under it , go in the well in the village and you will see mossy stone and there is even a nether portal

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