Ice Plains Biome - Minecraft Pocket Edition

Wolves, Snow and a lot of Forest

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Snow? Check. Wolves? Check. More trees than you could ever know what to do with? Check. Getting started on this 0.9x infinite seed is easy. There’s thick forest covering about two-thirds or three-quarters of the land around you when you spawn. The remainder is snow (ice plains) and both extend quite far. Wolves are present but not prevalent.

From the game start it took all of 3 minutes to find an one adult and one baby wolf. Tame ’em and you’ve got man’s best friend. What about getting some tools and armor going? Dig down. Under spawn you’ll hit two different iron veins as well as coal. At the lower vein be sure to dig out 2 blocks in each direction. You’ll find coal, redstone, and then entry into a cave system. In that cave system you’ll be able to find more iron and coal as well as diamonds.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: 331

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44 thoughts on “Wolves, Snow and a lot of Forest”

    1. A bunch of wolves followed me but I only tamed two I have a picture but I don’t know how to show it sadly so ya they’re so cute

    1. Did you poke around at all? We found them within 3 or 4 minutes of walking around from spawn… They weren’t standing right there when we spawned, but just tried again and found two within a few minutes… Hope you do too!

    1. khaled20a – just tried it in 0.9.5. It’s an infinite creative seed. It is ‘331’ (without the quotes) as you typed. It worked fine.

  1. If you dig down untill you reach the cave, explore the WHOLE thing because there’s a Skeleton Spawner

    1. Deb – Sorry about that! What version of Minecraft Pocket Edition are you running? This particular seed is for version 0.9x (and a lot of people, and maybe you, are running 0.10x)…

  2. Hey EpicMinecraftPEseeds i have a seed.for you to see! Its an old seed called ‘random world’ minus the quotation marks!

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